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Yong-joo Marbot is a South Korean born artist who studied art at Duck-Sung Women’s University (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Oriental Brush Painting) in Seoul, South Korea and at The University of New South Wales (Master of Arts, Painting and Drawing) in Sydney, Australia. She works and lives with her family in Rheinfelden, Switzerland.

 “I love color. Painting is like playing with blocks of colors which become puzzle pieces that I put together on canvas. Each of my work is about finding a balance of color, form and movement. How each color communicates with another color, how arrangement of shapes construct interesting composition and how vertical and horizontal lines interplay with one another to create a sense of musical movement are the ongoing explorations in my work.”

“I start working based on intuitive decision making and while a work is in progress I embrace unplanned accidents to push further into new ideas. Blocks of color create simple geometric shapes and forms, interplaying with objects like plants, trees, buildings, animals and still life whereas other times I subtract objects.”